Cord pulled on phone sex co.

Just in case anyone’s keeping score, the Jezebel Entertainment Working Girls are no longer in operation inside the virtual erotic environment of RedLightCenter. The Working Girls existed as a branch of a phone sex company called Jezebel Entertainment, but the company partnership has split up. However, the former owners will continue to offer 3-D cybersex and adult chat via phone or Skype inside RLC, said former Jezebel Entertainment co-owner Andy Ellenberger. The services will be offered by two separate ventures owned by Jezebel Entertainment’s former associates. Read more…

About last night

Snowmen in the Desert 2I think covering the Naked Pixels plot on the Burning Life grounds last night in Second Life gave me some impression of what it must have felt like in 1967 Haight-Ashbury. Granted, I’m not into the “brotherhood” or “flower power” malarkey that permeated much of the counterculture of the ’60s era, but it was a hell of a time for self-expression and parting with stuffy, middle class American social mores and values.

At any rate, I’ll be tuning into and reporting on Burning Life (specifically the Naked Pixels plot) until the festival culminates on Sept. 18 — as long as the energy level on the sim remains high and my posts don’t get too repetitive. I do feel it’s important for Apogeevr to follow what goes on at Naked Pixels. Covering uninhibited human behavior in 3-D cyberspace is a big part of what this blog is all about. Especially when it comes to sex — although, as Naked Pixels plot holder Soleil Mirabeau emphasized in a comment in the post below, the plot is not all about nookie. It’s about creativity, originality and testing boundaries (not that those things can’t also relate to sex.)

And that reminds me — that’s another thing about ’60s personal liberation and shenanigans. I have heard and read interviews with those who participated in the counterculture, and many of them acknowledge that “the scene” or the so-called “happenings” of the time might have looked downright silly from the “outside.” I imagine the photos I posted last night may have left the same impression on those who never experienced Second Life, let alone a virtual world festival like Burning Life. Read more…

Out with a scream

Things have died down here on the Naked Pixels plot, so I’m going to split. It’s been extremely cool. I’ll be hanging around here again tomorrow, and if things heat up like they did tonight, then stay tuned for more live blogging.

For the record. Burning Life isn’t all about nakedness and sex. There’s some really awesome nonsexual art being created here by SL residents on the various plots here on the Burning Life grounds. To see some of it, visit this Snapzilla link.

Oh, before I forget, SL resident moo Money directed a machinima video of one of the naked drum circle events. Click here to visit the Machinimoo blog, where you can view the video.

For now, I leave you with these images that I captured when things were in high gear:

Green Man

A Scream

The beat goes on

As of now, there’s only a handful of people here, compared to a dozen or so who were congregating earlier.

The Naked Pixels plot, by the way, is encircled by mostly large portraits of naked or semi-clad SL residents, and at the center of the plot, a blazing campfire burns.

An SL resident has just joined me in playing the drums. There are several timpani drums, side drums and gongs scattered around the campfire. And there’s a base drum, which someone just began pounding on. (SL residents have been participating in naked drum circles here.)

Right now, another couple is having sex on the ground. OK, now one is beating the other with a whip. Kewl.

Drummer Girl

Snoopy gets lucky

Earlier, Snoopy got laid. He and some purple rabbit-looking avatar did the wild thang in the middle of the makeshift dance floor here on the Naked Pixels plot. A song played in the background. Its chorus: “Everybody’s fuckin’, fuckin’ on the dance floor.” Clothing is optional here, by the way.

Snoopy Gets It

Naked Pixels at Burning Life

Alrighty, I am on the Naked Pixels plot on the Burning Life grounds in Second Life. Burning Life is Second Life’s annual salute to the Burning Man event that’s held yearly at Black Rock Desert in Nevada, USA (scheduled this year for Aug. 28 to Sept. 4.) The festival generally celebrates art and other forms of self-expression.

It’s been an amazing experience so far here in SL. There is a lot of sexual activity going on here on the mature-designated Naked Pixels plot, not to mention the fact that I’m having a blast. So I’ll be live blogging this for a while.

These snowmen appeared here a few minutes ago. I got caught in a patch of snow and had several involuntary orgasms via my Xcite! cock. Dunno how that happened, but it was fun as hell!

Enjoy the show!

Snowmen in the desert

Adding RL umph to SL sex

qDot Bunnyhug at SLCCWired has a really cool column up today by Regina Lynn focusing on qDot Bunnyhug’s presentation of a Second Life sex interface he devised. To demonstrate it at last week’s Second Life Community Convention, he used a vibrator hooked up to a laptop, a configuration that allows cyberlovers to enjoy the pleasurable vibes in the physical world after activating the device from inside SL via a click of their mouse.

You can view the teledildonics demo, taped live at the convention, by visiting this post on qDot’s Slashdong site and clicking on the links to the footage.

Maybe you’re saying, So what? A vibrator. Who cares? Well firstly, a peripheral device such as this can obviously serve to enhance the level of immersion during 3-D cybersex in Second Life. And that aside, it’s the potential of the idea that’s important. Read more…

Beautiful in body, not in voice

MakotoHe’s so adorable. His eyes are beautiful, and so is his hair and his lips — and his stomach, too. Not to mention his cute nose. Heck, I would date him in a heartbeat if he really existed. But looks can be deceiving: he acts and sounds like a tired cliché, judging from a clip posted on

Cast from a stereotypical mold by the game’s misguided designers, he’s the openly gay character named Makoto in the XBox 360 role-playing game Enchanted Arms, due to be released this month in the U.S. by Ubisoft.

I do think that Makoto’s wardrobe is a tad ridiculous and also reinforces a certain stereotypical image to a degree, even though RPGs and other similar environments allow a chance to defy conventional fashion — specifically for those among us who are not brave or well-off or (perhaps) crazy enough to do it in the physical world. But like I said, I have absolutely no qualms about the way his physical features were rendered, although his appearance does strike me as being more male-to-female transgender or androgynous than gay, in my opinion. Read more…

Scenes from SLCC via SL video stream

Here are pictures from the live video stream in-world of qDot Bunnyhug (left) and Stroker Serpentine talking on the SLCC Sex and Relationships in SL panel:

qDot Bunnyhug at SLCC Stroker Serpentine at SLCC

See post below for more details.

Video stream of SL sex panel

You can Click this link and watch streaming video of the Sex and Relationships in Second Life panel at the Second Life Community Convention. qDot Bunnyhug, a member of the panel, just posted the link on his Slashdong Web site.

The panel starts at 1:45 p.m. SL/PST. (It’s 1:30 p.m. as I type this, and I just discovered the link.) qDot says video from the conference will be streaming for the remainder of the day.

Other SL sex panel members will be Regina Lynn of Wired; Stroker Serpentine of Second Life business Strokerz Toyz; Moderator: Valadeza Anubis of Van Dungeon Devices, another SL business.

UPDATE: Heh, I just tried the link and I’m getting a message that RealPlayer doesn’t support the content. Hope you have better luck!

UPDATE 2: The SLCC sex panel was a little behind schedule. It’s starting in a few minutes and being broadcast in-world (as I type it’s 2:18 p.m. SL/PST.) The video is being shown upstairs at The Venue in SL, above the Disco Inferno. SL URL.

Get ’em while they’re hot

What I meant to say was, look at them while they’re up. Erotic artwork, that is — some of which I took pictures of while checking out a number of exhibits and museums around the main grid in Second Life.

Phoenicia Center for Contemporary Art Joan of Ark

Odd though. Considering all the sexual activity that goes on in SL, erotic art is relatively scarce, be it photos, digitally rendered or enhanced works, paintings, sculptures, whatever. Quality stuff is particularly hard to come by.

In fact, I did a search for museums the other day and only spotted about 20 relevant items in the results list, only a handful of which featured sex-related compositions — and even fewer of which featured works by actual Second Life residents depicting in-world subject matter. Read more…

The beast inside us

Bonnie Ruberg has a post up over at Heroine Sheik soliciting input on Second Life furry sex and culture for an editorial assignment she’s working on. She also wants to hear from those who do not necessarily interact in SL as non-human representations.

“I’m also curious, for the non-furries of the world, what you think of furry culture and furry sex?” she asks in one of the post’s comments.

Perhaps I could answer that (kind of) by making this request, sort of killing two birds with one stone: Bonnie, could you do me a solid? If you happen to come across a werewolf who’s hungry for cyber with a human-based avatar (namely me) and who seems to be genuinely in touch with his/her primitive side, can ya tell him/her to drop me a line in-world? ^-^

Basically, I think furry sex (or just taking on a furry persona in general) can help us reconnect with a Read more…

A missed opportunity: No SLCC for me

Ah well, the Second Life Community Convention is only a few days away, and guess who won’t be attending?

I was initially supposed to be on the Sex and Relationships in Second Life panel. But I recently had to cancel due to some rotten luck with my car. I’ll spare you the intricate details, but what it boiled down to was that I had to purchase a new one, which turned out to be quite cool, actually, only the timing was really crappy. I mean, it left me in no position to purchase the plane ticket to San Francisco, Calif., where the conference is behind held, not to mention paying for my hotel room, cab fare, meals, etc. I need a month or two to recuperate financially. Ya know?

In the meantime, I’ll be feeling more and more bummed out as the week draws closer to Friday, when the conference kicks off. What makes it suck even more is the fact that my panel seemed custom tailored for my interests, and it also has a good lineup of speakers: Read more…

Smooth moves in online worlds

I just published a photo set on Flickr showing what the RedLightCenter interface looks like while users engage in cybersex. The shots were taken a few weeks ago inside of RLC’s Fantasy Hotel.

Male Oral 2One aspect I’d like to comment on is the impressive ease and grace with which users can navigate through animations. Aside from the convenient (but rather obstructive) menu that appears on-screen during simulated sex, there is kind of a subtle fade effect that occurs when a couple switches positions, and it helps make the display appear more seamless. The only way to describe it in a little more detail is to say that the avatars briefly become sort of semi-transparent as they glide across the bed together while switching to each different animation.

In comparison, the sex pose balls inside the virtual world of Second Life generally cause the transitions to appear abrupt, and that also can give rise to awkward moments from time to time. But of course, SL remains a formidable force in 3-D cybersex, given its huge and imaginative variety of user-created animations. Also, Linden Lab, creator of SL, recently announced a planned implementation of avatar expressive puppeteering. From the Aug. 1 Linden Lab press release: Read more…

Taking 3-D to the next level

You see that photo at right? OK, sit back if you will and let your imagination take over for a few minutes. Could you imagine the possibilities? Perhaps ultimately someone’s animated avatar could be present (by proxy) in the very same room as you through the use of robotics and digital technology. Not only might it add an unprecedented and enhanced experiential dimension to sex in MMOs, but maybe one day people will be designing their own private digital environments inside their own physical-world living spaces (ie. via augmented reality), which can then be used to interact with the avatars of their choosing. On a scale of 1 to 10, how cool would that be? Like a 12? A 13 maybe?

Let there be male homo sex and whips and chains

Males will pretty soon be able to get it on with other males inside RedLightCenter. “It’s certainly something that is being built as we speak,” said Ray Schwartz, president of Utherverse Inc., the company behind RLC. “We’re building a bathhouse, and I think a steam room also is being built.” The new features are expected to be released within the next month, with the homosexual animations themselves possibly being introduced beforehand, Schwartz said.

I interviewed Schwartz on Saturday via phone, and asked him about what’s on the horizon for RLC over the next few months, as well as some longer-term plans.

Currently, the only gay sex that’s possible in RLC is girl-on-girl. Schwartz said the reason for that was there was a much greater demand for it among users, versus guy-on-guy sex. (Interesting side note: Schwartz guessed that about 90 percent of RLC users are heterosexual, with the other 10 percent bi or gay, or curious about being bi or gay.) Read more…

BDSM animations draw closer to lifelike in SL

If you’re a registered Second Life user who’s got a penchant for simulated BDSM, go visit DeSade Designs in-world if you’re in the mood to be freakin’ amazed. SL resident Kushiel Desade, who owns the business, has created some animations that are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before in SL. Go ahead and test out some of the devices and the freestanding pose balls that are for sale. (Click here for SL URL.)

Note how natural-looking the animations are, unlike the more robotic and stiff movements one might be more familiar with in SL. You really have to see them. They’re so uncanny that they border on the surreal, in my opinion. If I were more technically inclined, I could be more specific. But I think it might have something to do with the way motion-capture technology was applied. I do hope to interview Kushiel at some point so perhaps he could shed some light on this. In the meantime, all I know is that what he has been doing thus far looks great. Read more…