Profile disclosure: Who is expected to say what, and why?

I mean, what if a user is really Caucasian in the physical world, but represents himself as Asian or African American in a virtual world, or vice versa? Does he have to come clean in his virtual world profile preemptively? If not, why not? (I’m asking rhetorically.) Or what if a person is extremely tall and big-boned in the physical world, but depicts herself as short and petite in a virtual world, and winds up becoming involved with someone in the virtual world who is totally turned off by tall women, or considers himself as being otherwise sexually incompatible with them in the physical world? And what about the users who really have small breasts or tiny penises in the physical world, but display large breasts and big-ass penises in 3-D virtual space? The list goes on and on.

Beautiful in body, not in voice

Why did they not simply give Makoto a masculine voice — and without the cliché gay inflection? To me personally, that would have been much more appealing (not to mention more palatable.) In fact, I may even have actually purchased the game had they done so — and I’m not even a gamer.

The elusive digital shemale

It would be cool if a third sex was added to the very limited mix. Maybe something that’s a lot more user friendly in terms of capacity to appear gender variant.

Feminization and the intersexual order

What I am finding somewhat perplexing so far is what appears to be the intermingling of intersexuality and sissification inside Second Life. They seem to go together like cookies and milk here. I don’t know why that is just yet. I guess it’s kind of strange because I’ve been involved with the shemale and cross-dressing ‘scene’ in real life, and I’ve never even heard a word spoken about sissification, let alone hearing it repeatedly bandied about in the same sentence or conversation.

Scoring when you’re swinging both ways

Do I try and pull the wool over the eyes of heterosexual males in SL in order to satisfy my online libido? I mean, there are in fact many users who are gender swapping, probably without a second thought thanks to the comfortable blanket of anonymity. Me? I’ve pulled off my blankie to a large degree.

My gender swapping inside Second Life

Why the hell am I telling you this? Well, after about two weeks or so of serious consideration, I felt strongly that I wanted to reveal to the blogosphere the nature of my true gender identity and sexuality. I’ve reached this decision for a number of reasons.