Escape from Eden

Putting the ‘Adult’ Back Into the Adult Online Experience
Last night I took my rookie avatar shopping for a pussy. No, I’m serious. I actually looked at some renderings of a vagina — and even a penis — both by Numa Herbst, an avatar who makes and sells genitalia in the 3D environs of Second Life.

I hesitate to be so crass, but visiting a retailer is what one has to do in Second Life in order to ultimately engage full-scale in virtual sexual encounters via one’s alter ego.

That’s because the corporate creators of Second Life issue avatars that digitally invoke the likes of Adam and Eve, in that the standard Jane and John Does in this adult metaworld are estranged from their sexual selves. To be more specific, the guys and gals in Second Life come castrated, possessing no sexual organs beneath their pants and skirts, unless their human counterparts decide to do something to rectify these shortcomings and potential inconveniences.

Although I hear you can still do it even without virtual biological equipment, supposedly it’s not nearly as fun, evocative or visually pleasurable as it is when outfitted with pseudo genitals. Therefore, I have decided that I want my uninitiated avatar to be among the apparently numerous parallel personae in Second Life who are currently enjoying feasting on the proverbial apple and letting its juices run freely down their proverbial chins, in what otherwise would be a Second Life Eden.

Supposedly, your imagination is pretty much the only restraint in terms of what sort of sexual behavior you could engage in. I support this type of activity wholeheartedly because I am a big believer in the benefits of catharsis, and expressing sexual urges in online environments that otherwise may have remained repressed in real life can place one on the road to better mental health and overall well-being. It can even encourage individuals to ultimately develop the confidence to be more comfortable in real life with their once-concealed idiosyncrasies or sexual fetishes, due to positive experiences that they had in virtual settings.

At any rate, after I purchase the proper equipment — which can cost a pretty penny in virtual cash but can allow you to simulate orgasm and even urination, among other features — it would then generally be merely a matter of utilizing the correct animations and scripts to help facilitate nookie in the Second Life environment.

Meanwhile, in the context of my online existence in Second Life, I feel like a young teenager discovering sex for the first time, filled with wonder and anticipation and even a little nervousness about what the future holds as far as this brand-new journey into hybrid sensuality.

On a related note, it seems that Second Life has a sexual underbelly of sorts that I knew nothing about, which I attribute to my still-fledgling status in this growing synthetic environment. On second thought, I am unsure if “underbelly” is even an appropriate term to employ in this instance, since it’s not that difficult to learn where the action is in SL.

In fact, I have learned over the past day or so that there are in fact swaths of land (called “sims”) as well as adult establishments and other virtual properties and settings that are relatively easily accessible to avatars longing to do the nasty either in private or in group settings. And the more adventurous avatars can even indulge in more fetishistic sexual activity, such as BDSM.

– Noche Kandora

Note: Images taken inside avatar Numa Herbst’s retail space in Second Life.

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