Double delight…

Soon to be thrice as nice?

This is the steamy couple that has invited me into their Second Life home to chat about possibly partaking in the virtual pleasures of the flesh. Damn, a three-way sexual encounter with two gorgeous digital girls. Still being a virtual virgin, I’m excited about what may be in store!

I had originally envisioned an online roll in the sack with an SL male. But hey, I am open to experiencing whatever type of hot stuff is percolating within the graphical terrain of Second Life. That includes whips and chains. (blush - Did I just say that?) By the way, the search for a guy avatar isn’t over yet. I have a few prospects I am going to check into in the coming days. I am still willing to chat with any additional volunteers who are willing to show me how to get it on in Second Life, so leave a comment if you’re interested, along with any SL contact info.

Oh, excuse me. How rude am I to not even introduce the lovely couple in the photos? The cute avatar with the chic red hair is Ramona Eliot, and the dark-haired seductress-looking one is Ramona’s partner, whose name is darkchyld Maeterlinck. Would you look at all that tempting simulated skin? At any rate, we have yet to schedule something definite in terms of our first meeting, but we are hoping to get together in-world some time this week.

I am really looking forward to my upcoming erotic experiences, and I’ll keep everyone informed (and entertained and horny) every step of the way — that includes all sorts of hot pictures. While we’re on the topic, be aware that I have all sorts of naughty stuff planned for this site as far as writing about my sexual experiences in Second Life. One idea I have been kicking around is organizing group sex demonstrations in-world. Hey, I’m willing to volunteer my time getting it on so others can watch and take notes. After all, I think there are many sexually frustrated avatars roaming around in SL who would like a little action and want to know more specifics regarding how to go about indulging their urges.


  1. Comment by darkchyld on January 26, 2006 10:18 am

    Had a wonderful time getting to know you last night. We certainly need to get together again soon to explore things further.


  2. Comment by Noche on January 27, 2006 2:02 am

    I can’t wait to hang out with you and Ramona again. It was very cool meeting you two!

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