Breaking the ice: The ABCs of Second Life sex

After last night’s first rendezvous with enthralling couple Ramona Eliot and darkchyld Maeterlinck, I’m now like a mesmerized teenager whose sexual appetite was made whet after finally getting to dabble around in adult physical contact.

Remember those days in high school when you couldn’t pay attention in class for hours on end because of all those steamy scenarios unfolding inside your head, triggered perhaps after shoving a hand inside your sweetheart’s pants the night before? Well, that’s sort of the way I felt after having met Ramona and darkchyld, who have graciously offered to teach me how to do the wild thang in the digital confines of Second Life.

One thing led to another

We broke the ice in their secluded tree house, chatting for a while before they invited me into their bedroom to experiment with some of the animations that they have. Just from the relatively brief experiences inside their lair, I found some of the scripts to be pretty impressive, such as the one that allows your avatar to French kiss; I got to lock lips for a moment or two with Ramona to test it out. Precious! Oh, and I had the pleasure of “pinning” down darkchyld in the tree house. And one animation that I found particularly erotic was the three-way make-out session, which Ramona, darkchyld and I indulged in on their bed. The three of us us plan to meet again real soon, and I am eager to pick up from where we left off.

The fading line
I have to admit, last night packed a level of intensity that I did not expect. I mean, you might not think that exchanging some text and then getting naughty with a couple of other digital likenesses can stir up feelings of arousal. But it can. For example, while making some initial small talk with my two new girlfriends, I started to grow noticeably warm, if you know what I mean, because in the back of my mind lurked thoughts of us engaging sexually with one another, albeit in a virtual setting.

And I also made a connection of some sort with both Ramona and darkchyld, albeit the chemistry is different between myself and each of them. And that spark is important. Because as darkchyld correctly stated to me last night, cybersex is mainly executed in the exchange of text, especially given the tactility deficiencies of the computer interface the average consumer is currently stuck with. You can’t really touch anyone in cyberspace (unless you have tons of cash for great VR gear or you’re a savvy hacker and can build it yourself). But you can in fact be ‘touched’ in some way by someone’s psyche while interacting in a digital environment, and then you can build upon that through whatever means are at your disposal. In Second Life, an example of that would be the animations that can be purchased or created by users.

True romance
What also struck me about my first meeting with Ramona and darkchyld is the fact that there are genuine feelings involved in their relationship. You should have seen them say good night to one another! Very romantic, like a real-life couple. “We ‘crossed over’ for sure….what started as an SL thing definitely developed a RL component,” Ramona said. “We don’t plan to meet, but it’s still a ‘real’ thing, in our eyes.” She also mentioned to me that through her interaction in Second Life, she has discovered a sort of dual sexuality within herself, which she experiences in a real-life sense, regardless of whether it is expressed in a virtual environment.

“I have to tell you…I have amazing RL orgasms from SL sex, especially with DC,” Ramona said. “And before SL, and really, even now, I consider myself straight.”


Kiss II


  1. Comment by darkchyld on January 27, 2006 6:10 am

    Thank you for a lovely evening Noche, I know we both enjoyed getting to know you very much. There is most certianly a RL component to our relationship, we are terrbily in love with each other, and I’m glad that shows through in SL.

    You got some wonderful photos, I guess I was so busy getting hot and bothered I didn’t even see you take them :)

    Let me know when you’ve got some SL time again and we’ll see about taking things a little further.

  2. Comment by Noche on January 27, 2006 8:13 pm

    darkchyld: Thanks for the compliment about the pictures. Can’t wait to eventually explore a little discipline - in the bedroom, that is.

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