Scoring when you’re swinging both ways

An interesting thing happened last night in Second Life. While I was talking to this male avatar, I found myself deleting my Web site URL from my avatar profile so that he wouldn’t paste the address into his browser and see my recent blog post declaring (potentially) to the planet the fact that I am an intersexual male in real life. The reason I hid the Web info? I was in the mood for some cybersatisfaction and I was hoping to land a willing male partner.

This is an issue I will obviously have to deal with as I now start to interact in SL after having gone public with my real-life transgenderism. Do I try and pull the wool over the eyes of heterosexual males in SL in order to satisfy my online libido? I mean, there are in fact many users who are gender swapping, probably without a second thought thanks to the comfortable blanket of anonymity. Me? I’ve pulled off my blanket to a large degree.

So the hanging question is (if I may think out loud): What’s my new MO as far as courting suitors in Second Life? Maybe if I was more explicit in my SL profile and in my avatar’s appearance with regard to my sexual preferences and gender identity? Maybe I need to start hanging with a new crowd? (Although a couple of my SL friends have expressed sexual interest in gender benders.)

Oh, the woes of a one-track mind.

Ultimately, I don’t plan on wearing anything on my sleeve. But at the same time, I think some tactful disclosure might serve to smooth my SL interaction in more than one way.


  1. Comment by Cinomed Tweak on March 28, 2006 2:13 pm

    Hmmm, that is a toughy.
    I would probably suggest only having your URL and the bit about blogging in your 1st life tab.
    As you said you have yanked away the wall that seperates 1st and 2nd lives.
    I know I will tend not to look at anyone’s 1st life tab for the most part, unless they are just some random person, or at the poker tables.
    On the prowl? noooo
    My 1st life tab says I perfer a strict no ask no tell policy, I am here for fantasy, though I find your situation facinating.

  2. Comment by Noche on March 29, 2006 12:14 am

    Hi there Cinomed. I did in fact place the URL back into my profile seconds after I took it out. I figure if people don’t like what they discover, so be it. I am in Second Life for me, not them. Same with the physical world.

  3. Comment by Cinomed Tweak on March 29, 2006 6:43 am

    Yep, I looked you up, saw your profile same as always.
    Well, hope you still got you some!

    While I do not advertise or readily admit my “truth” as it were, I have way too large an online presence to hide from it. Google will tell on me. ^-^

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