Dead ringers in virtual environments

I’m entertaining serious thoughts of shedding my cloned appearance inside Second Life. For those unfamiliar with this simulated environment, avatars come with standard features which you can alter to a good degree. Users also have the option of purchasing ‘skins’ that can add an original dimension to an avatar’s image, as well. Still, I don’t think you could ever quite escape the tinge of pre-fabrication with either option — based on my knowledge and experience, anyway.

By the way, the photos at left (one more below the link) represent in chronological order the gradual evolution of Cheri Horton, so to speak, since I first logged on in September of 2005. But instead of working with her existing features, what I plan to do now is replicate my real-life likeness and use it as my new avatar skin. Sheesh, imagine that… The spitting image of me roaming around inside a virtual world. (insert smirking devil emoticon here) I actually already found someone who may be able to take on the project. On my end, it would simply entail snapping some photos of my face and submitting them to the artist. Oh yeah, and then paying for the work, of course.

Why am I so compelled by the idea of having a digital facsimile unleashed in a simulated environment? Good question — and one that I‘ve asked myself. I would attribute my motive at least in part to the fact that I would very much like to engage in a virtual environment as my ideal RL self, appearance-wise, anyway. Perhaps my motive stems partially from having not yet realized this vision in real life. And I emphasize the word “yet.” But the bottom line is that the final ‘product’ inside Second Life will more accurately personify my RL androgynous image. Will I keep the red hair? Dunno. Aside from the facial features, I do know that I want to boast small breasts. In Second Life, that is.

I imagine right off the bat that the immersion factor would be greatly enhanced by controlling a carbon-copy surrogate from behind my keyboard, which in turn would enrich the more ‘carnal’ experiences that I pursue as a Second Life inhabitant. Can you even say the word “carnal” in the context of a simulated environment that offers absolutely no tactile feedback whatsoever? I guess maybe you can, if you are talking in the sense of the virtual.

At any rate, I think there’s a lot to be said for photorealism when you want to engage in adult sexual experiences in virtual surroundings, as well as other simulated activities that seek to evoke real-life physicality.


  1. Comment by Cinomed Tweak on April 5, 2006 10:50 am

    “Can you even say the word “carnal” in the context of a simulated environment that offers absolutely no tactile feedback whatsoever?”

    Yes… yes you can!

    Once again, our adventuring methods split further apart, since I am a furry, but I do so look foward to seeing the new you!

  2. Trackback by on April 6, 2006 6:14 am

    Being Cheri Horton

    Journalist Noche Kandora, known in Second Life as Cheri Horton, has been on an interesting quest in recent weeks: to create an avatar that mimics her real-life appearance as closely as possible. “Users also have the option of purchasing ‘skins…

  3. Comment by Noche on April 6, 2006 11:32 pm

    Thanks, Cinomed Tweak. In regard to furries, I recently encountered a werewolf in Second Life. And I must say, I found it kinda sexy. I mean, him being big and intimidating and all, and me being all petite and pretty. ^_^

  4. Comment by Cinomed Tweak on April 7, 2006 12:24 pm

    Mmmhmm, You simply must find a way to meet in SL, I am biased, but I believe I have one of the nicest big kitty avatars I have seen…

    I am sure we mix in different circles, and could show each other sections of SL neither has seen. ^-^

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