To have, to love and to beat

When Bally Boomslang talks about the way her mistress dishes out a good battering or a stern scolding, she doesn’t quiver and recoil in fear. To the contrary: her glee is almost palpable.

“Bally loves it. Bally enjoys it immensely,” Bally said while sitting reservedly next to her mistress, Teejay Mercy, who instructs her slave to speak in the third-person and address her as “ma’am” unless permitted to do otherwise.

As the one who is objectified in the same-sex couple’s 2-week-old relationship in Second Life, Bally revels in her role. She even makes every effort to dress for the part. When told she looked very much like a genuine sex slave, Bally voiced appreciation for the fact that someone had taken note.

“I very much try to,” said Bally, who wore a skimpy, prehistoric-looking outfit that looked as though it had been torn asunder after a lustful ravaging.

But in contrast to the way she lights up about getting scourged, her partner Teejay doesn’t seem to take nearly as much delight in being the purveyor of the physical punishment. Yeah, she might wield a bullwhip, for example, and flagellate Bally whenever the need arises, but she does so with self-admitted trepidation, although she adds that she’s starting to warm up to treating Bally like the bad bad girl that she really is.

“Harming another is not part of my belief, but as role play, I like to give Bally all she needs, as much as she gives me in return,” said Teejay, shown in the above photo standing at right. “We give and take. I am getting used to it now, so I do get some pleasure as I know it gives Bally pleasure. It’s just not a natural thing for me.”

If you knew Teejay in real life, perhaps you might not have expected such an outlook. After all, out in the physical world, Teejay is no prude: she attests to being bisexual. Bally, on the other hand, explained that her sexual escapades and her adventuresome relationship with Teejay in Second Life represent a sharp departure from her more restricted existence in real life.

“I am so straight it is, well, disturbing how straight,” Bally said.

Still, despite Teejay’s hesitation to fully embrace the part of ruthless governess in Second Life, don’t be fooled. It seems her horns are just beginning to poke out due to her erotic virtual interaction with Bally. For example, she recalled how she took pleasure in striking Bally when she had to spank her for disobeying one of their housemates. It was a disciplinary sentence that she derived undeniable gratification from.

“I can honestly say I do like that,” Teejay said.

“Bally loves it,” added Bally, who seemed to equally relish the memory of the lashing. She said it was, “A HARD one, too.”

“She learnt her lesson,” added Teejay.

But aside from taking Bally over her proverbial knee, Teejay still seemed to be much more comfortable with asserting her dominance in ways other than physical abuse. One time she instructed Bally to go out and sleep with two men and then return and show proof that she had been fucked.

“I knew that not being able to contact me until the deed was done would drive her mad. The sex part was just a bonus,” Teejay explained.

Bally seemed to agree that the punishment had a perk. “Sometimes mistress does things that might be seen as punishment but aren’t really,” she said.

But what it boils down to is that Teejay does in fact get off on bossing Bally around, she explained. “Although I temper it with tenderness too,” Teejay said. “It’s important to me that Bally also knows she is loved.”

“Bally knows she is loved,” Bally replied, adding she has the same sentiment for Teejay. “Love — so much love it makes my heart burst sometimes. I know that sounds silly in a game, but it is true.”

“It doesn’t sound silly at all Bally,” Teejay said.

And those heartfelt emotions are what really spices up their online sexual relationship, which many times leads to experiences that seem so real that they result in real-life orgasm, the couple said.

“The love enhances the lust,” Teejay said. “Without either, it would just be sex.”

They even got tattoos of each other’s names on their lower backs to signify their devotion to one another. Teejay did the honors personally.

“I did them — I felt it was more special that way,” she said.


  1. Comment by darkchyld on February 7, 2006 6:47 am

    Very nice. D/s and BDSM always brings out the most interesting pairings, and sends people to places that push the bounds of what they consider acceptable… and what they consider sexy.


  2. Comment by Cinomed Tweak on March 30, 2006 5:10 pm

    I have found this out to an extreme, daily Mistress shows me things, not surprising that they exist, but that I like them?
    Oh yeah, something has changed.

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