Sexually harassed in Second Life

Last night I was virtually groped by some nauseatingly cliché-looking, highly obnoxious male avatar in Second Life. You know the type: sparkly gold ring and necklace, open-chest shirt, exaggerated muscles, blah blah blah… Barf!

Anyway, his unwelcome physical passes were made only in descriptive text, but I still found them considerably offensive. Truthfully. I mean, what nerve.

The subspecies in question made his first move by nonchalantly running his fingers through my hair while I was shopping at a vendor site. OK, no real biggie, I thought, so I kind of shook it off and continued talking with this asshole, who had parked himself near me while I was checking out some bondage devices.

Then he asked me if I was interested in going dancing with him at some SL club, and I turned him down politely, even though he was ultimately undeserving of any civil treatment whatsoever. Then he issued some snooty, aloof answer, mixing the words “rubs Cheri’s ass” into his reply.

I was flabbergasted. I told him point blank that I didn’t appreciate him copping a virtual feel like that. He wasn’t apologetic in the least, and merely told me to “be well” before he shoved off. I should have been way more harsh. And foolish me, I didn’t even take note of his name or report him.

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