Punishment by Ms. Cheri

OK my pretties, you are the first to find out. I am officially launching Dashwood Dungeon as a virtual business in Second Life. The BDSM establishment will be housed at my lovely castle, and it will be the scene of perhaps the most sadistic and sensual scenarios ever to unfold in SL’s simulated surroundings!

To provide a bit of background, the business’ moniker is a tip of the hat to Sir Francis Dashwood of 18th century London, originator of what came to be called the Hellfire Club, an infamous group noted for its alleged black magical workings, debauched sexual activities and influential political collusion, including a key behind-the-scenes role in spurring the American Revolution. In fact, the organization’s membership supposedly boasted top literary and government figures — Benjamin Franklin among them. But enough about that.

Dashwood Dungeon’s menu of indulgences will be expanding in the coming weeks as my assortment of BDSM devices expands. For now, my debut commodity is dubbed Flog & Torment. Victims who select this form of flagellation get to be bound to my shackle post, whipping post, or my human wall display posts while experiencing exquisite pain at the hands of my bullwhip and I.

My initial price for these types of services will be L$60 per five minutes. The charge includes a venomous verbal assault that will gush forth from my pretty little mouth during beatings.

For now, I’m just offering my talent for punishment — unless customers want to negotiate a special price for a roll in the sack with someone who very well may fumble at crucial moments during the heat of passion. (giggles) At any rate, once I become more versed in how to make proficient use of my nether regions, I’ll officially toss sex into the mix, which would nearly double my prices, I’m guessing.

Actually, even when and if I do add nookie to the menu, the emphasis will still be heavily upon the BDSM aspect of the business. I mean, there’s already a ton of escorts working SL, so I intend to hone in on my niche. After all, flailing happens to be something I genuinely enjoy administering! And I happen to be very, very good at it, too. ^-^ Additionally, I’ve always dreamed of opening up a dungeon in real life. So this will be my debauched vision come true by proxy.

And I don’t expect people to come beating down my castle door just because I posted this on my blog, but I do hope for a few nibbles now that the bait is out: I am in fact making my services highly visible on my SL profile, and I’ll perhaps take out an occasional paid ad here and there.

So if you’re an SL’er who’s reading this and you’re feeling the urge to be a customer, IM me (Cheri Horton) in-world to talk business or schedule an appointment! And be prepared to be humiliated, scourged and tantalized like you’ve never experienced before. For I am your worst nightmare and your dream come true all rolled into one.

Keep checking here for updates to Dashwood Dungeon’s menu of prices and punishments. There’s also a link in the sidebar. So there.

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  1. Comment by Blixa Shirakawa on March 8, 2006 1:02 am

    Very enticing. :)

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