Descend into Dark Dreams

Do the words “swing” and “slam” appeal to you? There I am in the picture above taking the “swing” animation for a test drive. But those are just two of the numerous pose balls that are freely available at the wonderful Club Dark Dreams.

The structure itself was created by SL resident xdarkx Pertwee, a relative newbie who did an amazing job by my standards, although he’s quite modest about it. And you can attribute the great interior design and darkish concept to Drummer Koolhaas, who also owns the establishment.

Here’s the basic rundown: the place has three levels. The main floor is primarily for dancing and socializing. There’s a sex club upstairs, accessible via a few stained glass-themed alcoves on the main level. And through a section of the wall on the main floor, you can plummet down into the dungeon — literally — where there are more possibilities to whet your appetite.

So go have fun! And don’t forget to leave some Linden currency in one of the tip jars. Oh, and check out my SL Sex Guide for links to a photo tour and more details about the club.

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