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Feminization and the intersexual order

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I’m inside Second Life as I write this. Well, kind of. My screen is split, with a Word document open on one half of my monitor and the virtual world of SL open on the other. My avatar Cheri Horton is standing by herself inside a sex/fetish club that caters partially to the intersexual segment of the transgendered demographic on the grid. But there’s no one in here for about the third consecutive night that I’ve checked it out.

I’m here because over the past several days, I’ve been directing most, if not all, of my in-world time toward trying to come into contact with SL inhabitants who profess to being transgendered, particularly androgynes or those who are bigendered like yours truly. Users sometimes share this type of information with others in-world via their avatar profiles. They also may proclaim such persuasions indirectly by joining groups made up of fellow users who share similar preferences, tastes or lifestyles (be it in real life or Second Life) and whose names may appear on the group membership lists.

So, to save myself time and trouble in trying to find people and places that are of interest to me, I recently became a member of a few TG groups here in SL. So far, I’ve had some luck. A couple of days ago, in fact, one SL hermaphrodite who evidently spotted my name on the list of a group we both belonged to sent me an IM to say hello. Next thing I knew, I invited my new acquaintance into my SL castle and we ultimately wound up in the sack together. For the record, it was enjoyable.

But nookie aside, what I am finding somewhat perplexing so far is what appears to be the intermingling of intersexuality and sissification inside Second Life. They seem to go together like cookies and milk here. I don’t know why that is just yet. (For the sake of reference, from what I understand, sissification is synonymous with feminization, and it means ‘forcing’ a submissive male into the traditionally female role, such as through gender reassignment or cross-dressing.) So yeah, I guess it’s kind of strange because I’ve been involved with the shemale and cross-dressing ‘scene’ in real life, and I’ve never even heard a word spoken about sissification, let alone hearing it uttered repeatedly like inside SL. (more…)

Scoring when you’re swinging both ways

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

An interesting thing happened last night in Second Life. While I was talking to this male avatar, I found myself deleting my Web site URL from my avatar profile so that he wouldn’t paste the address into his browser and see my recent blog post declaring (potentially) to the planet the fact that I am an intersexual male in real life. The reason I hid the Web info? I was in the mood for some cybersatisfaction and I was hoping to land a willing male partner.

This is an issue I will obviously have to deal with as I now start to interact in SL after having gone public with my real-life transgenderism. Do I try and pull the wool over the eyes of heterosexual males in SL in order to satisfy my online libido? I mean, there are in fact many users who are gender swapping, probably without a second thought thanks to the comfortable blanket of anonymity. Me? I’ve pulled off my blanket to a large degree. (more…)

My gender swapping inside Second Life

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hello world. As you can tell, that’s not Cheri Horton you see in the photo, it’s yours truly. But what you may not be able to detect is the fact that I am a biological male. Sorry about the fuzzy Web cam image, but you get the idea. Or at least I hope you do. Basically, I’m an androgyne, if you wanted to slap a label on me.

Why the hell am I telling you this? Well, after about two weeks or so of serious consideration, I felt strongly that I wanted to reveal to the blogosphere the nature of my true gender identity and sexuality. I’ve reached this decision for a number of reasons. (more…)

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