My first strap-on (armed and dangerous)

How do you like it? You know you wanna taste it. Actually, it’s probably not the most extravagant of duplicate dicks available on the SL market, but it’s not too shabby, either. Purchase price: L$200. I figure I’d wield this wiener for a while, and then maybe move on to something more spectacular.

Nevertheless, now I’m ready for twosomes, threesomes, foursomes, whateversomes, engaging in lesbian encounters, administering hardcore feminization, etc. etc.

While shopping around, I saw a strap-on for sale in Amsterdam whose price tag was L$1500. Shit, that must be one hell of a pseudo dick. I’m thinking there may be built-in animations that come with it. See, that’s the sucky thing — there were no demo models available.

Anyway, that little grayish area you see between the nuts happens to be clickable, although it doesn’t really do anything at this point other than cause my body to vibrate a bit. I think what you do is load scripts and then click that region to select your options. Gotta figure that one out.

Oh, funny thing. I almost forgot to mention it, too. When I first purchased my faux male member, I had a bit of a hassle putting it on. Go figure, right? I initially dropped it in the area between my legs, thinking this was the correct thing to do, but it then somehow attached itself to my head. Hehe.

To boot, my ponytail was consequently involuntarily ejected back into my inventory, because the fake penis needed the room on my temple area, I suppose. So I took off the cock again, placed it back into my inventory, did a right click on the “attach to” option, scrolled down and selected “pelvis,” and then the darn thing wound up around my ankle. This happened several times, until I figured out that I had to edit the damn thing to initiate its custom-tailored orientation on my virtual body.

I can still be a bit of a buffoon when it comes to this stuff in SL, in case you didn’t notice. But that sure as hell doesn’t stop me from being notorious!

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