Touching down at San Francisco

Sex in Video Games Conference.Holy crap, this place is crawling with pervs! We’ve got porn people and erotic MMO enthusiasts and developers running naked through the hotel corridors.

Just kidding.

I am in San Francisco, I’ve checked into my hotel room, and I am connected to the Internet. Life is good. Now all I need is a good-looking naked person in my room and I’ll be all set.

It’s kind of quiet here right now (perhaps due to the fact that the conference is at a different hotel.) This is in sharp contrast to the plane ride, which was a tad on the bumpy side (that’s an understatement) due to crappy weather. But here in San Fran, it’s sunny, but extremely windy. And chilly, might I add. Feels like it’s in the 60s. I guess that’s chilly for me, since I live in the desert.

Anyhow, I’m supposed to hook up later with several conference-goers to grab a bit to eat at one of the local joints — maybe put down a few in the process. Beers, that is. See you soon.

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