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Utherverse Inc. president Ray Schwartz (makers of RedLightCenter), who looks to be dealing with the press.

Of all the sights and goings on that I didn’t blog about today, the one I most regret entails a bronze-skinned, blond female who was distributing conference goodie bags to attendees and speakers as they checked in at the door. She had plump breasts and wore a white bikini. Yum. Tomorrow, I swear, my first order of business will be to snap an image of her sexiness and then post it.

Sex in Video Games Conference.I just got back a little while ago from dinner at a trendy Asian place with a nice group that included Black Love Interactive founder Kelly Rued (an enchanting woman), author and Wired News columnist Regina Lynn (she’s EXTREMELY cool), pixel artist Andrea Fryer, who flew in from Finland to be here, Terra Nova and Gamasutra writer (among other roles) Ren Reynolds, and a number of others. Also, I had the pleasure today of finally meeting Heroine Sheik blogger Bonnie Ruberg (a cool person), who was covering the conference for Wired. Lastly, I got to meet Brenda Brathwaite. Also very cool.

My panel (Pleasing the Player: What Emergent Sex Can Teach Developers) went well, although the first few minutes were a little bumpy due to some nervousness among speakers (Andrea Fryer and I in particular). A pair of company execs, a reporter from France (!) and some others approached me afterward for further discussion, so I took that as a good sign. :)

A good portion of the content in today’s lectures — and even some of the panels — seemed to amount to the equivalent of a crash course in simulated sex aimed specifically at bringing people up to speed, specifically developers and companies that lacked substantial background on the topic but wanted to cash in on its growing popularity. It seems that spirit of give and take, after all, relates to one of the big reasons why this conference was put together in the first place: to build a mutually beneficial relationship between the adult entertainment and video game industries.

During a break at the Sex in Video Games Conference.


  1. Comment by Bonnie on June 11, 2006 5:20 pm

    “She had plump breasts and wore a white bikini. Yum.”

    And here I thought you were wanted a pic of her to document her incongruent presence :-) .

  2. Comment by Noche on June 12, 2006 7:26 pm

    That would have required clearer thinking on my part, which I was incapable of in the face of all that flesh. Such is the double-edged sword of my libido…

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