Apogeevr makeover

Alrighty, I just installed a new theme and have been working to customize the code for longer than I care to mention. I still may do some further tweaking, but this is generally how it’s going to look around here from now on. (Unless things go terribly wrong, in which case I would have to switch back to the former look.)

This theme actually was tested only for WordPress 2.0, but it seems to work fine on 1.5, which is what I have because I simply refuse to upgrade. I’ve tried 2.0 and it is highly annoying and quite buggy. Speaking of which, if anyone encounters any problems on this site due to the switch, please let me know via an e-mail.

On a related note, readers now have to register if they want to comment on a post. There’s a registration link under the Meta menu in the left-hand sidebar. I made this change strictly because of all the spam I’ve been getting. Sheesh, I must have deleted close to 200 or so pieces of spam over the course of the past 24 hours. Unfortunately, I think I may have deleted a legitimate comment or two in the process, so if you notice a comment that you made is missing, I apologize. Things got hectic!

Feedback welcome on the new look…

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