Taking 3-D to the next level

Perhaps ultimately someone’s animated avatar could be present (by proxy) in the very same room as you through the use of robotics and digital technology. Not only might it add an unprecedented and enhanced experiential dimension to sex in MMOs, but maybe one day people will be designing their own private digital environments inside their own physical-world living spaces (ie. via augmented reality), which can then be used to interact with the avatars of their choosing.

How pixels stir passion

Human connection is a biggie, I think. More specifically, it’s ultimately the bonds that are formed with the people behind the avatars that provide the emotional fodder which fans the flames of impassioned cybersex. But I don’t think that’s the only reason, considering the fact that there’s also a good degree of wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am going on in virtual environments like Second Life.

What turns us on about an avatar?

What do we, as individuals behind the keyboard, find erotically or romantically alluring about a digital representation? What do we look for? For example, is it looks? Is it behavior? Common interests? The ability to converse proficiently in text chat? None or all of the above? Isn’t even somewhat bizarre to think that we could become aroused by an embodiment of pixels, even though we know there are in fact humans behind those pixels?

A stripper that struts with such good skin

I just hope that one day, within a reasonable time frame, the Second Life user — myself included, obviously, — will be able to whip up an avatar as uncanny as the voluptuous incarnation you see above without having to possess any sort of extensive knowledge of custom-tailoring skins. After all, I’m a user. I want to hit the ground running and not have to pull my hair out trying to create something that will help me suspend disbelief during virtual world interaction — particularly when engaging in 3D cybersex.

The sterilization of dirty talk

But perhaps I set myself up for disappointment. I mean, I have my own distinct take on what dirty talk should consist of. I think verbal communication during avatar sex (or even sex in real life, for that matter) should open doors to places inside the psyche that otherwise remain barricaded and hidden. I think one of the best perks of virtual environments is that they provide a great venue for catharsis.

Does faking it make it more real?

But on-screen, there is nothing authentically biological unfolding when two digital forms fornicate inside a pseudo bedroom. So why do the users behind the avatars in many cases apparently feel compelled to depict ejaculation? Is it because it’s the only way they feel they can achieve the sense of closure that real-life orgasm provides?

Licking sloppy simulated sex

If you’re female and you fuck someone relatively short, you’ll have to edit the pose balls accordingly. This way, when you ride the guy’s penis, for example, it won’t be plunging into your stomach instead of where it counts. The kicker is that if you use the same settings for a taller partner, chances are you’ll be riding the guy’s stomach, so you’ll have to recalibrate the positioning of the pose balls via the editing option

Open to the public:
Freely accessible places for adult play

I promised some time ago that I would begin listing quality spots inside Second Life where you could explore sexual/adult fantasy without having to dip into your Linden dollar balance. I’m talking free: no admission price, and no purchasing of pose balls or animations. These are places where you can just walk in and have a great time. Anyway, consider this the first addition to my SL Sex Guide, which has a link there in the first sidebar, by the way.

My first strap-on (armed and dangerous)

How do you like it? It’s not the most extravagant of dicks available on the SL market, but not too shabby, either. Purchase price: L$200. I figure I’d wield this wiener for a while, and then maybe move on to something more spectacular.