A blond bombshell, and the Ren Reynolds bomb

*Drool* *Buldge*

This voluptuous woman goes by the name of Padea and her digital likeness resides inside Erotasy Island, a multiplayer adult game scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2008, according to the Web site. The virtual version of Padea functions as a personal digital assistant meant to lend a helping hand to users in-game. Players, I think, can select their own PDAs after they are greeted and initially shown around by Padea, or if they are really smitten by her, they can keep her around.

That’s about all I bothered to find out. You can investigate the Web site for further details. I just wanted to post an image of the lovely real-life Padea because she was so nice to look at as our greeter girl here at the Sex in Video Games Conference. I mean, you can only stare at conference panelists for so long before your eyes yearn for a break.

Sex in Video Games Conference.In other news, Ren Reynolds dropped a wake-up bomb today after he criticized the very panel he was on, which focused on the issue of morals and ethics in adult-related video games and MMOs. As panelists responded to the moderator’s questions, one inquiry prompted Reynolds to voice objection to the fact that the panel’s discussion was being framed around American law. Indeed, as far as I know, everyone in the group was from the states except for him.

Reynolds, who hails from the UK, reminded everyone that virtual worlds and video games and MMOs attract inhabitants and users from all over the globe, not just the U.S., and different countries have different laws on the books and different mores. Reynolds’ comments were handled well and with good-natured humor, and as far as I was concerned, it was a point well taken.


UPDATE: I just noticed I wrote “digital likness” instead of “digital likeness” in reference to Padea in the first paragraph. Sounds like a Freudian thing. Also, I am looking forward to getting home and going through my notes so I could make a wrap-up post or two on the conference. I have some stuff that I’d definitely like to share.

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  1. Comment by Blogmul on June 10, 2006 2:54 am

    I’m commenting on the Ren Reynolds panel “bomb”. It’s fun to see that this is a recurrent issue.

    I’m European playing mostly on ATITD, a niche game. The developers are US and, although “French and German are supported” and once in time there was even a French and German server, the events keep being scheduled for US holidays, people name in-game drafted laws as “Act” or “Bill”, etc.

    Funniest when some people start talking in a non-english(-supported language) on an area (not a global chat area, one only readable by those in vicinity) and some US’s that can only speak english start complaining that it’s rude. Even after being told that those people didn’t know another language besides their own or the conversation was to be held between them anyway.

    Summing up, virtual worlds and MMOs are a place where we can see better the “common american” intolerance to other cultures.

    In the end, either USs open up more (and GMs have a role educating and scheduling events for neutral days) or we’ll see some European MMOs popup to cash in on that. Either way, it will be fun to watch.

    P.S.- I’m not from one of the “supported” languages in ATITD. I’ve voiced my opinions on it and just carry this flag because I think it’s important. I have no anti-US feelings. I also think that an “European” open-mindness will have to be language/cultural agnostic because “Europe” is just a big group of several different counties or cluster-of-countries, some with not-so-old issues between them…

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