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Physical Form in Digital Space

Sunday, October 2, 2005


The tainted first-person and selling the virtual body

Half-LifeAfter taking a few computer games out for a quick spin at a local cyber cafe, I’ve got to say that I was not nearly as impressed as I thought I would be about the graphical representations of players on the screen.

Being a gaming newbie, I admit I did not progress very far in any of the selections that I booted up, including Battlefield Vietnam, Diablo II Lord of Destruction, Warcraft III Frozen Throne, and Half-Life. I did, however, spend enough time in each program to roughly gauge the potential each had for engaging the player. What I was mainly focused on was the physical representation of the body in the virtual environment, which is an important element in creating an immersive and rewardingly interactive experience. (more…)

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