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Physical Form in Digital Space

Sunday, October 2, 2005


The tainted first-person and selling the virtual body

Half-LifeAfter taking a few computer games out for a quick spin at a local cyber cafe, I’ve got to say that I was not nearly as impressed as I thought I would be about the graphical representations of players on the screen.

Being a gaming newbie, I admit I did not progress very far in any of the selections that I booted up, including Battlefield Vietnam, Diablo II Lord of Destruction, Warcraft III Frozen Throne, and Half-Life. I did, however, spend enough time in each program to roughly gauge the potential each had for engaging the player. What I was mainly focused on was the physical representation of the body in the virtual environment, which is an important element in creating an immersive and rewardingly interactive experience. (more…)

Global Village? Today It Would Be Torpedoed By A PlayStation Geek

Sunday, September 4, 2005


RB2 ideal takes the back seat
It has almost been like a bad dream come true so far for visionaries and theorists who have been longing for virtual reality to swoop down like a superhero and make a huge “positive” mark. Meanwhile, both online and offline, in arcades and in the comfort of living rooms, and from behind glowing television sets and computer screens, people are blowing stuff up, shooting-’em-up, role playing, engaging in physical combat, embarking on outlandish adventures, taking part in sporting activities and participating in strategy games, among other pastimes. (more…)

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