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Monday, November 7, 2005


Playing god to mobile mechanical workhorses

You think we’re ready to live alongside these types of contraptions inside of our homes and in other intimate settings? If a company seriously thought about rolling out products such as these on any sort of a mass level, I think its success would hinge in large part on its marketing department, which would have to work craftily to extinguish our fear of the machine, which is age-old but certainly subsiding thanks to computers.

My point is that people who might be creeped out about letting this type of technology become a part of their household would likely require some — ahem — creative reassurance that it really is OK to have an automaton wandering about one’s abode. Then again, slap a reasonable price tag on merchandise like this and sales may surprise us all.

Ideally, what I personally would do is incorporate a robotic replica of a human into my daily routine (more…)

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