Click Me, Baby!

Skirting the tactility deficiency of standard desktop interfaces
Click me. Oh, yeah. C’mon, baby. Just click me! Faster! Harder! Hover that beautiful mouse arrow all over my virtual body. Use your hand icon, too. Oh my god, now spin your mouse wheel back and forth, aiming it right toward me. And do it forcefully. Do it like you mean it. Do it! Oh my god, now click me again. Click again!

Now hover it! Just hover it! Oh, fuckin’ hover it!! Oooh, now right that click, baby. Right that click! Right it! Right it! Right it! Click it! Harder! Harder!! You wanna see me clicked on full screen, baby? Huh? You wanna see me get clicked all over a full screen? Select that full screen and click me! Just click me!

This has been a facetious post on the shortcomings of widely diffused computer technology, and how it just doesn’t cut it for today’s consumer when it comes to wanting to nail an attractive avatar in cyberspace. See related post here.

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