War of the Worlds

But whom exactly does Slouka refer to as he generically bandies about the word “we”? Obviously, like a presumptuous politician in a government chambers who believes he is serving the better interests of his clueless constituents, Slouka is glancing down his nose as he cries out for caution.

Budding Cyber Romance

Even after Sutherland’s interactive head-mounted display system came about, it was not until the early 1980s that virtual reality began to take off and move beyond the prototypical, and the function of computers slowly began to shift from their initial purpose of calculating data to their subsequent role as a means of simulation and interaction.

Protected: High-Tech Effigy

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Life on the Screen

In several cases where the line between the virtual and the real became permeable, Turkle traces how a number of users even ultimately integrated certain components of their virtual personae into their daily lives in the real world after testing them out online.

The Fourth Discontinuity

Basically, the appetizer before Mazlish’s main claim is this: the human animal at its core is mechanistic just like its four-legged counterparts and forebears, complete with a consciousness rooted fundamentally in physical existence.