Erecting Cheri’s place

So, no matter how ditzy and shallow it may seem, what I’m going to do is keep posting stuff and posting stuff and posting stuff as I equip my new castle for the next chapter of my libidinous existence in Second Life.

A quick look around my new lair

Here’s a brief photo tour of the new three-level castle that Cheri Horton — aka me — purchased last night. Keep in mind, these pictures were taken inside a model that was located at the building vendor site. I’ll erect mind as soon as I obtain land. Still, the features you see in these images are included in the package, including the very lovely doors, torches, curtains and fountains.

Mine, all mine

You’re looking at the proud new owner of a castle.

Dark, dark fantasies

Lately, I have this subtle but persistent feeling that my Second Life avatar Cheri Horton — who is undeniably an extension of me — is in the embryonic stage of morphing into a female version of Caligula.

Evil minds

Gawd, I discovered some really debauched BDSM equipment tonight in Second Life.

To have, to love and to beat

But in contrast to the way Bally lights up about getting scourged, her partner Teejay doesn’t seem to take nearly as much delight in being the purveyor of the physical punishment. Yeah, she might wield a bullwhip, for example, and flagellate Bally whenever the need arises, but she does so with self-admitted trepidation, although she adds that she’s starting to warm up to treating Bally like the bad bad girl that she really is.

The nitty-gritty of SL relationships also is going to start publishing content that gets into the nitty-gritty of adult relationships in Second Life, and that does not necessarily have to involve virtual nookie and nudity. I mean, yeah, there will be digital flesh aplenty displayed here via quality photographs, so don’t fret. But there also will be content dealing with the specific nature and dynamics of avatars’ relationships with each other.