Apogeevr makeover

Alrighty, I just installed a new theme and have been working to customize the code for longer than I care to mention. I still may do some further tweaking, but this is generally how it’s going to look around here from now on.

Web host service disruption

By the way, I’m planning a complete Web site makeover, probably within the next week or two. It’s going to look sweeeeet. The site should remain up and running through the transition. I’ll post more details when I’m ready to conduct the job.

Introducing expanded cybersex coverage

Now with 12 months under its belt, this site will expand its coverage of simulated sex and computer-mediated adult relationships to include other MMOs and 3-D synthetic spaces besides the virtual world of Second Life.

Cheri Horton’s Snapzilla debut

Sex + MMOs + conference = orgasmic blogging

I’ll have my camera with me, so I’ll also be somewhat of a roving photographer, as well as an oversexed blogger who will be following his nose for interesting stuff to cover. Which won’t be that hard, considering the roster of speakers and interesting talks that are scheduled.

Web host issues resolved (??)

DreamHost reported server attacks yesterday, resolved them, and then reported more outages today, which have now been resolved (as of several minutes ago.) Hopefully, that’s the end of the service interruptions. Sorry for the inconvenience!

A personal site, a new plugin, and live-blogging

OK, then. I will also be posting to a personal blog that I just set up, called 5fingerpie. Feel free to stop in. Mind you, I am not going to be neglecting Apogeevr. But a lot of times I like to yak about stuff that would be off-topic if I posted it here. Hence, my […]