Now you, too, can sound like a pre-fab gal

Or can you?

Screaming Bee just introduced a female voice pack available for downloading as a free add-on to its MorphVOX voice-changing software. So if you’re a dude who wants to sound like a babe in an online game or virtual world (like I do), the pack gives you six more lousy female voices to choose from, in addition to the crappy one that comes standard issue.

As I wrote in a post not too long ago, I tried the free version of the software, the MorphVOX Junior, and it was a disappointment, particularly the male-to-female morphing.

The paid version, which has a price tag of $28.95, wasn’t much better. I downloaded it on a trial basis not too long ago and it was generally equally horrible. The only real measurable difference as far as I could see was that you could enhance the horribleness with a 10-knob graphics equalizer, as well as two slide bars to adjust pitch and timbre.

The paid version also boasted a menu of seven voice effects: after-effects chorus, distortion, gapper, phaser, resample, echo, and reverb. It had vocal tract effects, too: monotone, hypertone, breathy, nasal, harmonize, tremolo, vibrato and growl. Additionally, there were 16 downright silly sound effects, including screech, scream, moo and howl.

Anyway, check out this page to hear the voice pack samples; to listen, all you have to do is click on the images of the different women who are supposedly behind the voices. Celeste sounds pretty decent, but I can’t vouch for how it would work since I haven’t tried it — and I guess I won’t any time soon, because my trial has expired and I can’t see myself paying for a product that yields such poor results.

I’ll keep my eye out for future upgrades, though, and hopefully at some point the company will unveil some really kewl guy-to-girl voice-changing capabilities.

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  1. Comment by cuddlypop on July 25, 2006 1:46 am

    Good to know. I have always wondered about the quality of this type of software. It’s always interesting to see how far the technology in this area becomes, and I’m glad to be able to read a user review, as it were, before trying them for myself. It seems to me that voice changing would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible to perfect, but when products begin to pop up, I am constantly amazed. I hope you do continue to keep us posted on future upgrades and how it all evolves.

    By the way, has anyone signed up for the pre-order of Virtual Hottie 2? It’s due out to be released later today, and by the teaser media surrounding it, it looks like it has the potential to become an amazing and even popular “game” among adults, depending on how the “gameplay” and MMO style aspect evntually turns out. I mean the pictures on this look amazing (even though they were taken without anti-aliasing…).

    I can’t wait to see the user reviews on this puppy. :)

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