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Snowmen in the Desert 2I think covering the Naked Pixels plot on the Burning Life grounds last night in Second Life gave me some impression of what it must have felt like in 1967 Haight-Ashbury. Granted, I’m not into the “brotherhood” or “flower power” malarkey that permeated much of the counterculture of the ’60s era, but it was a hell of a time for self-expression and parting with stuffy, middle class American social mores and values.

At any rate, I’ll be tuning into and reporting on Burning Life (specifically the Naked Pixels plot) until the festival culminates on Sept. 18 — as long as the energy level on the sim remains high and my posts don’t get too repetitive. I do feel it’s important for Apogeevr to follow what goes on at Naked Pixels. Covering uninhibited human behavior in 3-D cyberspace is a big part of what this blog is all about. Especially when it comes to sex — although, as Naked Pixels plot holder Soleil Mirabeau emphasized in a comment in the post below, the plot is not all about nookie. It’s about creativity, originality and testing boundaries (not that those things can’t also relate to sex.)

And that reminds me — that’s another thing about ’60s personal liberation and shenanigans. I have heard and read interviews with those who participated in the counterculture, and many of them acknowledge that “the scene” or the so-called “happenings” of the time might have looked downright silly from the “outside.” I imagine the photos I posted last night may have left the same impression on those who never experienced Second Life, let alone a virtual world festival like Burning Life.

Heh, even I myself thought a few of the pictures looked kind of silly when I perused them this morning. (The photo of Snoopy getting laid springs to mind.) But I know when I insert myself back into the scene in the coming days, I’ll be swept up again by the magic, energy and genuineness of the moment. And I also think it’s important to remember that the plot may be called “Naked Pixels,” but those who are participating in the goings-on from behind their keyboards are in fact made of flesh and blood. One of them could be the reserved person who sits next to you at the office.

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  1. Comment by Soleil Mirabeau on August 28, 2006 7:40 am

    I assure everyone, I am not the reserved person that sits next to you at the office.


    P.S - Snoopy is great in the sack.

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