Taking 3-D to the next level

Perhaps ultimately someone’s animated avatar could be present (by proxy) in the very same room as you through the use of robotics and digital technology. Not only might it add an unprecedented and enhanced experiential dimension to sex in MMOs, but maybe one day people will be designing their own private digital environments inside their own physical-world living spaces (ie. via augmented reality), which can then be used to interact with the avatars of their choosing.

Let there be male homo sex and whips and chains

Males will pretty soon be able to get it on with other males inside RedLightCenter. “It’s certainly something that is being built as we speak,“ said Ray Schwartz, president of Utherverse Inc., creator of RLC. “We’re building a bathhouse, and I think a steam room also is being built.” The new features are expected to be released within the next month, with the homosexual animations themselves possibly being introduced beforehand, Schwartz said.