Cord pulled on phone sex co.

Just in case anyone’s keeping score, the Jezebel Entertainment Working Girls are no longer in operation inside the virtual erotic environment of RedLightCenter. However, the former owners will continue to offer 3-D cybersex and adult chat via phone or Skype inside RLC, said former Jezebel Entertainment co-owner Andy Ellenberger. The services will be offered by two separate ventures owned by Jezebel Entertainment’s former associates.

About last night

I think covering the Naked Pixels plot on the Burning Life grounds last night in Second Life gave me some impression of what it must have felt like in 1967 Haight-Ashbury. Granted, I’m not into the “brotherhood” or “flower power” malarkey that permeated much of the counterculture of the ’60s era, but it was a […]

Out with a scream

Things have died down here on the Naked Pixels plot, so I’m going to split. It’s been extremely cool. I’ll be hanging around here again tomorrow, and if things heat up like they did tonight, then stay tuned for more live blogging.
For the record. Burning Life isn’t all about nakedness and sex. There’s some really […]

The beat goes on

As of now, there’s only a handful of people here, compared to a dozen or so who were congregating earlier.
The Naked Pixels plot, by the way, is encircled by mostly large portraits of naked or semi-clad SL residents, and at the center of the plot, a blazing campfire burns.
An SL resident has just joined […]

Snoopy gets lucky

Earlier, Snoopy got laid. He and some purple rabbit-looking avatar did the wild thang in the middle of the makeshift dance floor here on the Naked Pixels plot. A song played in the background. Its chorus: “Everybody’s fuckin’, fuckin’ on the dance floor.” Clothing is optional here, by the way.

Naked Pixels at Burning Life

Alrighty, I am on the Naked Pixels plot on the Burning Life grounds in Second Life. Burning Life is Second Life’s annual salute to the Burning Man event that’s held yearly at Black Rock Desert in Nevada, USA (scheduled this year for Aug. 28 to Sept. 4.) The festival generally celebrates art and other forms […]

Adding RL umph to SL sex

Maybe you’re saying, So what? A vibrator. Who cares? Well firstly, a peripheral device such as this can obviously serve to enhance the level of immersion during 3-D cybersex in Second Life. And that aside, it’s the potential of the idea that’s important.

Beautiful in body, not in voice

Why did they not simply give Makoto a masculine voice — and without the cliché gay inflection? To me personally, that would have been much more appealing (not to mention more palatable.) In fact, I may even have actually purchased the game had they done so — and I’m not even a gamer.

Scenes from SLCC via SL video stream

Here are pictures from the live video stream in-world of qDot Bunnyhug (left) and Stroker Serpentine talking on the SLCC Sex and Relationships in SL panel:

See post below for more details.

Video stream of SL sex panel

But hurry — the panel starts at 1:45 p.m. SL/PST!! (It’s 1:30 p.m. as I type this, and I just discovered the link.) qDot says video from the conference will be streaming for the remainder of the day.

Get ’em while they’re hot

It seems most or a lot of what’s being displayed in SL is meatspace art — or pieces that were created by artists in the physical world and have nothing to do with Second Life — or any other online 3-D environment, for that matter. I mean, there’s such a distinctive way of expressing human sexuality in a virtual world. You’d think it would inspire more artists to try to capture and convey that.

The beast inside us

I mean, why exclude the sex if you interact in every other way as a furry? You chat as a furry, teleport as a furry, build as a furry. Why not cyber as a furry? In that context, one may wonder why there is such a focus on furry sex. Maybe it’s just sex among furries, and not “furry sex.” (If that makes any sense.) Is it really as kinky and out of the ordinary as one may think?

A missed opportunity: No SLCC for me

I’ll be feeling more and more bummed out as the week draws closer to Friday, when the conference kicks off. What makes it suck even more is the fact that my panel seemed custom tailored for my interests, and it also has a good lineup of speakers:

Smooth moves in online worlds

In comparison, the sex pose balls inside the virtual world of Second Life generally cause the transitions to appear abrupt, and that also can give rise to awkward moments from time to time. But of course, SL remains a formidable force in 3-D cybersex, given its huge variety of user-created animations. Also, Linden Lab, creator of SL, recently announced a planned implementation of avatar expressive puppeteering.

Taking 3-D to the next level

Perhaps ultimately someone’s animated avatar could be present (by proxy) in the very same room as you through the use of robotics and digital technology. Not only might it add an unprecedented and enhanced experiential dimension to sex in MMOs, but maybe one day people will be designing their own private digital environments inside their own physical-world living spaces (ie. via augmented reality), which can then be used to interact with the avatars of their choosing.

Let there be male homo sex and whips and chains

Males will pretty soon be able to get it on with other males inside RedLightCenter. “It’s certainly something that is being built as we speak,“ said Ray Schwartz, president of Utherverse Inc., creator of RLC. “We’re building a bathhouse, and I think a steam room also is being built.” The new features are expected to be released within the next month, with the homosexual animations themselves possibly being introduced beforehand, Schwartz said.