Scoring when you’re swinging both ways

Do I try and pull the wool over the eyes of heterosexual males in SL in order to satisfy my online libido? I mean, there are in fact many users who are gender swapping, probably without a second thought thanks to the comfortable blanket of anonymity. Me? I’ve pulled off my blankie to a large degree.

My gender swapping inside Second Life

Why the hell am I telling you this? Well, after about two weeks or so of serious consideration, I felt strongly that I wanted to reveal to the blogosphere the nature of my true gender identity and sexuality. I’ve reached this decision for a number of reasons.

Descend into Dark Dreams

Here’s the basic rundown: the place has three levels. The main floor is primarily for dancing and socializing. There’s a sex club upstairs, accessible via a few stained glass-themed alcoves on the main level. And through a section of the wall on the main floor, you can plummet down into the dungeon — literally — where there are more possibilities to whet your appetite.

Licking sloppy simulated sex

If you’re female and you fuck someone relatively short, you’ll have to edit the pose balls accordingly. This way, when you ride the guy’s penis, for example, it won’t be plunging into your stomach instead of where it counts. The kicker is that if you use the same settings for a taller partner, chances are you’ll be riding the guy’s stomach, so you’ll have to recalibrate the positioning of the pose balls via the editing option

Uninvited camera probes

Last night I was standing outside my castle in Second Life, just goofing off, and I started to pan my camera to get some unique and bird’s-eye views of my personal property. Suddenly, the camera’s eye had made its way into a neighbor’s house! Why oh why is there not a feature created to prevent such a thing from happening?

Open to the public:
Freely accessible places for adult play

I promised some time ago that I would begin listing quality spots inside Second Life where you could explore sexual/adult fantasy without having to dip into your Linden dollar balance. I’m talking free: no admission price, and no purchasing of pose balls or animations. These are places where you can just walk in and have a great time. Anyway, consider this the first addition to my SL Sex Guide, which has a link there in the first sidebar, by the way.

Punishment by Ms. Cheri

Dashwood Dungeon’s menu of indulgences will be expanding in the coming weeks as my assortment of BDSM devices expands. For now, my debut commodity is dubbed Flog & Torment. Victims who select this form of flagellation get to be bound to my shackle post, whipping post, or my human wall display posts while experiencing exquisite pain at the hands of my bullwhip and I.

My first strap-on (armed and dangerous)

How do you like it? It’s not the most extravagant of dicks available on the SL market, but not too shabby, either. Purchase price: L$200. I figure I’d wield this wiener for a while, and then maybe move on to something more spectacular.

Celebrating Slashdong

In a little while, I’ll be heading over to MMOrgy creator qDot Bunnyhug’s birthday bash in Second Life, so feel free to swing by and say hey!

Sexually harassed in Second Life

Last night I was virtually groped by some nauseatingly cliché-looking, highly obnoxious male avatar in Second Life. You know the type: sparkly gold ring and necklace, open-chest shirt, exaggerated muscles, blah blah blah… Barf! Anyway, his unwelcome physical passes were made only in descriptive text, but I still found them considerably offensive.

Jealousy: An emotion that creeps into cyberspace

Try as you may, it seems you can’t totally inoculate yourself against jealousy when you’re interacting in a virtual space like Second Life. It’s a pretty resilient emotion, and one whose sting can easily penetrate the online world’s virtual bubble.