Global Village? Today It Would Be Torpedoed By A PlayStation Geek

Basically, users have been immersing themselves in synthetic surroundings, graphical displays and state-of-the-art audio for the sheer entertainment value, versus delving into such media for any meaningful interaction with one another, as was envisioned some 20 years ago by Jaron Lanier, the very man who coined the term “virtual reality.”

A bloggy birth

This project has been several months in the making, due chiefly to the time that it took to create the content. Initially, I began building a site using Microsoft Office FrontPage, but I scrapped that effort because I longed for the e-zine to have blogging capabilities.

Morton Heilig

The fundamental rationale was that an artist’s ability to express himself, as well as to manipulate audiences, could be enhanced by gaining scientific insights into what specifically engaged the human animal on both the cognitive and carnal levels.