A missed opportunity: No SLCC for me

I’ll be feeling more and more bummed out as the week draws closer to Friday, when the conference kicks off. What makes it suck even more is the fact that my panel seemed custom tailored for my interests, and it also has a good lineup of speakers:

Sex + MMOs + conference = orgasmic blogging

I’ll have my camera with me, so I’ll also be somewhat of a roving photographer, as well as an oversexed blogger who will be following his nose for interesting stuff to cover. Which won’t be that hard, considering the roster of speakers and interesting talks that are scheduled.

A personal site, a new plugin, and live-blogging

OK, then. I will also be posting to a personal blog that I just set up, called 5fingerpie. Feel free to stop in. Mind you, I am not going to be neglecting Apogeevr. But a lot of times I like to yak about stuff that would be off-topic if I posted it here. Hence, my […]

My sex conference gig; my CNET News interview; my…

As far as my formal involvement, I’m scheduled to be a panelist for one of the eight organized discussions that will take place during the event. My particular panel is called Pleasing the Player: What Emergent Sex Can Teach the Developer.

My gender swapping inside Second Life

Why the hell am I telling you this? Well, after about two weeks or so of serious consideration, I felt strongly that I wanted to reveal to the blogosphere the nature of my true gender identity and sexuality. I’ve reached this decision for a number of reasons.