Until we (almost) meet again…

Here I was all bummed out that I missed my opportunity to meet Violet Blue at the Sex in Video Games Conference. But now I don’t feel half as bad anymore since it turns out she may not have been in the greatest of moods anyway, specifically after she got through with her panel, Turning on the Player.

A blond bombshell, and the Ren Reynolds bomb

Ren Reynolds dropped a wake-up bomb today after he critiqued the very panel he was on, which focused on the issue of morals and ethics in video games and MMOs. As panelists responded to the moderators’ questions, one inquiry prompted Reynolds to voice objection to the fact that the panel’s discussion was being framed around American law and culture.

Phoenix Linden on SL interface upgrades

I asked Brashears if the company planned any interface tweaking that would (directly or indirectly) benefit the facilitation of 3-D simulated sex inside SL’s virtual world. He told me efforts are in fact under way to address some of the sloppy visual displays users have to put up with while engaging in animations, including sex poses — eg., problems such as virtual genitals not properly lining up with each other during sex simulation, and body parts going through body parts, making the on-screen display look too unrealistic, thereby diminishing user immersion.

A networking nirvana

A good portion of the content in today’s lectures — and even some of the panels — seemed to amount to the equivalent of a crash course in simulated sex aimed specifically at bringing people up to speed, special ally developers and companies that lacked substantial background on the topic but wanted to cash in on its growing popularity. It seems that spirit of give and take, after all, relates to one of the big reasons why this conference was put together in the first place: to build a mutually beneficial relationship between the adult entertainment and video game industries.

Sex sells, especially for TV news

The media is very interested in this event.

The skinny on digital skin and game marketing

Dave Taylor just gave a presentation on the future of technology and sex, and I gotta say, the future looks bright, based on the computer/video game images and clips shown during his lecture. Drool-inducing depictions of graphically rendered bodies filled the screen as he spoke. I mean, some were really hot, with attendees falling silent for brief moments as they watched.

Touching down at San Francisco

I am in San Francisco, I’ve checked into my hotel room, and I am connected to the Internet. Life is good. Now all I need is a good-looking naked person in my room and I’ll be all set.