BDSM animations draw closer to lifelike in SL

Note how natural-looking animations are. They’re so uncanny that they border on the surreal. If I were more technically inclined, I could be more specific. I think it might have something to do with the way motion-capture technology was applied. I do hope to interview Kushiel at some point so perhaps he could shed some light on this. All I know is that what he has been doing thus far looks great.

Phone sex co. expands beyond voice

Interestingly, the working girls not only are attracting male clients, but an increasing amount of females also are paying for simulated sex and adult chat, Ellenberger said. What’s also interesting about Ellenberger’s venture is the fact that clients are actually choosing to pay for something they can get for free anywhere else in RLC.

Excerpt from upcoming interview

Inside the RLC, we’re pushing the phone as an add-on to the avatar sex, whereas with our non-RLC customers, we are trying to encourage them to join RLC to take their phone experience with their favorite girls to the “next level.”

The elusive digital shemale

It would be cool if a third sex was added to the very limited mix. Maybe something that’s a lot more user friendly in terms of capacity to appear gender variant.

Now you, too, can sound like a pre-fab gal

The paid version, which has a price tag of $28.95, wasn’t much better. I downloaded it on a trial basis not too long ago and it was generally equally horrible. The only real measurable difference as far as I could see was that you could enhance the horribleness with a 10-knob graphics equalizer, as well as two slide bars to adjust pitch and timbre.

RedLightCenter users issue growing wish list

How long can RLC’s animations people keep this up? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for them, or have they embarked upon a Sisyphean task? When does the list of kinks draw to an end, for example? Should the folks behind RLC just hand over some good tools so that users can supplement — or if not, supplant — the efforts of those who are working on content in an official capacity?

Apogeevr makeover

Alrighty, I just installed a new theme and have been working to customize the code for longer than I care to mention. I still may do some further tweaking, but this is generally how it’s going to look around here from now on.

Web host service disruption

By the way, I’m planning a complete Web site makeover, probably within the next week or two. It’s going to look sweeeeet. The site should remain up and running through the transition. I’ll post more details when I’m ready to conduct the job.

Simulated sex on command

He doesn’t talk. He never wears clothing. He’s handsome and nicely proportioned. He tirelessly stands at full attention by the bedside until you invite him to have sex. When beckoned, he unquestioningly jumps into the sack with you and follows your lead as you take him through a variety of fuck positions. You can give him a hand job, pleasure him with oral, or have him spank your behind while he bangs you doggy style, among an array of other choices. Who is this guy, you ask? He’s one of the sex “robots” you can have your way with inside the online 3-D community of RedLightCenter.

Introducing expanded cybersex coverage

Now with 12 months under its belt, this site will expand its coverage of simulated sex and computer-mediated adult relationships to include other MMOs and 3-D synthetic spaces besides the virtual world of Second Life.

Voice can make you flop in a virtual world

Firstly, there’s a speech delay of about one second, give or take. And there’s also an echo, whereby when you utter a word, for example, you’ll hear it four times, (diminishing in volume, of course, with each repetition.) Given these two factors, if you plan to speak for any length of time lasting more than a few seconds, in sentences that include more than a mere few words, chances are you are going to stumble over your own speech and literally become unable to verbalize your thoughts, due to the fact that the echo and the delay are so disorienting.

How pixels stir passion

Human connection is a biggie, I think. More specifically, it’s ultimately the bonds that are formed with the people behind the avatars that provide the emotional fodder which fans the flames of impassioned cybersex. But I don’t think that’s the only reason, considering the fact that there’s also a good degree of wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am going on in virtual environments like Second Life.