Do it with me

Anyone in Second Life interested in doing the virtual nasty with me so I could write about it?

Botching Online Debauchery

I would say that the downside of having to technically cobble together your own virtual sexual scenarios involves what I will generically call the discouragement factor, for lack of a better term. For example, it’s frustrating how Internet-enabled devices — including computer-compatible sex toys — aren’t more within reach of the consumer to help make for a more immersive experience in simulated settings.

Escape from Eden

Although I hear you can still do it even without virtual biological equipment, supposedly it’s not nearly as fun, evocative or visually pleasurable as it is when outfitted with pseudo genitals.

Sex in Second Life

For all of its emphasis on worldliness, eccentricity and knock-out looks, Second Life can really present some uncertain territory when it comes to sex.

Beyond the Bits and Bytes

Being a so-called citizen implies having at least a basic understanding of how your environment functions. Even in a virtual context, if enough users work to understand their simulated surroundings, they are empowering themselves and are hence becoming more equipped to bring about change in their digital domains.

Digital Knockout

Just really briefly on the possible merits and pitfalls of this high-tech world of imagination: since it is so very absorbing, participation in Second Life can spiral into a monumental waste of time for the misguided, undisciplined and plain old stupid among us. On the other hand, if indulged in wisely, it’s a wonderful way to engage in fantasy and do some personal exploration.