Noche Kandora

Hello there, and welcome to my bio page. This isn’t a resume by any means, but merely some tidbits of information that might help convey some of my interests and what I’ve been up to since recently becoming publicly involved in the discussion of simulated sex. (Recently meaning roughly March 2006. And publicly meaning out from behind my Second Life avatar and my PC keyboard.) In the very near future, I will be creating a Q-and-A page which I will link here. It will provide more detailed insights into some of my thoughts on cybersex. In the meantime:

* Previous Speaking Engagements:
– Sex in Video Games Conference: Exploring the Business of Digital Erotic Entertainment. Held June 8-9, 2006, in San Francisco, Calif., USA. Participated in the panel titled Pleasing the Player: What Emergent Sex Can Teach Developers. Click links for speaker bio and event site.

* Interviews I’ve Participated In:
– Wired, Red Light Center Exposed, Aug. 4, 2006.
– Reuters, Gamers Bend Gender for a Winning Edge, July 28, 2006
– Columbia University graduate journalism student, for an online multimedia project titled The Science of Sex (not yet published)
– New Scientist, The Irresistible Rise of Cybersex, June 15, 2006
– Game Today, Cybersexual Relations for Linden Dollars, May 30, 2006 (published in Dutch)

* Areas of Special Interest:
– Gender identity, presentation and self-exploration in cyberspace
– Simulated sex and BDSM (a chief area of personal interest)
– Online relationships, specifically avatar relationships that involve genuine emotions (another chief area of personal interest)
– How the human form is depicted in simulated environments
– The burgeoning role of the synthetic environment as a place for human interaction and commerce
– Online identity
– Virtual space as an outlet for catharsis
– Voice in virtual space and how it affects user immersion

* Some Relevant Nonfiction I’ve Read:
– Everyware, by Adam Greenfield
– The Fourth Discontinuity, by Bruce Mazlish
– Life on the Screen, by Sherry Turkle
– Possible Worlds, by Ralph Schroeder
– The Psychology of the Internet, by Patricia Wallace
– The Second Self, Twentieth Anniversary Edition, by Sherry Turkle
– Virtual Realism, by Michael Heim
– War of the Worlds, by (alarmist) Mark Slouka

* Future Plans:
– I’ve got a book up my sleeve.

* Professional Occupation:
– Editor for print media

* My Gender:
– See here

* Contact Information:
– Email: nochekandora [at] yahoo [dot] com
– Snail Mail: P.O. Box 620943, Las Vegas, NV 89162
– Phone: Available on a per-request basis

* Page last updated Aug. 10, 2006.