A stripper that struts with such good skin

I just hope that one day, within a reasonable time frame, the Second Life user — myself included, obviously, — will be able to whip up an avatar as uncanny as the voluptuous incarnation you see above without having to possess any sort of extensive knowledge of custom-tailoring skins. After all, I’m a user. I want to hit the ground running and not have to pull my hair out trying to create something that will help me suspend disbelief during virtual world interaction — particularly when engaging in 3D cybersex.

The sterilization of dirty talk

But perhaps I set myself up for disappointment. I mean, I have my own distinct take on what dirty talk should consist of. I think verbal communication during avatar sex (or even sex in real life, for that matter) should open doors to places inside the psyche that otherwise remain barricaded and hidden. I think one of the best perks of virtual environments is that they provide a great venue for catharsis.

Does faking it make it more real?

But on-screen, there is nothing authentically biological unfolding when two digital forms fornicate inside a pseudo bedroom. So why do the users behind the avatars in many cases apparently feel compelled to depict ejaculation? Is it because it’s the only way they feel they can achieve the sense of closure that real-life orgasm provides?

My fleshbot link

Is this perhaps like the sex-blogging big time?

Feminization and the intersexual order

What I am finding somewhat perplexing so far is what appears to be the intermingling of intersexuality and sissification inside Second Life. They seem to go together like cookies and milk here. I don’t know why that is just yet. I guess it’s kind of strange because I’ve been involved with the shemale and cross-dressing ‘scene’ in real life, and I’ve never even heard a word spoken about sissification, let alone hearing it repeatedly bandied about in the same sentence or conversation.

My sex conference gig; my CNET News interview; my…

As far as my formal involvement, I’m scheduled to be a panelist for one of the eight organized discussions that will take place during the event. My particular panel is called Pleasing the Player: What Emergent Sex Can Teach the Developer.

Supporting photorealism in Second Life

I personally believe that if photorealism is indeed an emerging current in its (very) embryonic stage, it should be cultivated and supported - and that includes patronizing any in-world creators and merchants who deal in such products.

Dead ringers in virtual environments

I imagine right off the bat that the immersion factor would be greatly enhanced by controlling a carbon-copy surrogate from behind my keyboard, which in turn would enrich the more ‘carnal’ experiences that I pursue as a Second Life inhabitant.