How quickly things change

As far as I was concerned, seeing darkchyld so fully embrace the sub role, and even the way I found myself reveling in the dom personification, marked a surprising turn in our fledgling SL interaction together.

A brief plug

I personally wouldn’t mind having my avatar shake her derriere part-time for this SL business. Dancers entertain patrons not only from the stages, but from atop cocktail tables. Two horns up!

Amsterdam night

I wound up in a seemingly unstoppable humping motion while suspended in mid-air, nowhere near the erect penis of my would-be sex partner. (Go ahead, you can laugh.)

Breaking the ice: The ABCs of Second Life sex

I have to admit, last night packed a level of intensity that I did not expect. I mean, you might not think that exchanging some text and then getting naughty with a couple of other digital likenesses can stir up feelings of arousal. But it can.

Double delight…

This is the steamy couple that has invited me into their Second Life home to chat about possibly partaking in the virtual pleasures of the flesh. Damn, a three-way online sexual encounter with two gorgeous digital girls. Still being a virtual virgin, I’m excited about what may be in store!

Wordless closeness

Anyhow, while I was in world, I had a quiet but rather stimulating encounter with an exotic-looking digital incarnation, as you can see.

I think I’m virtually horny

Alrighty, having received a good number of responses to my call for candidates to have virtual sex with in Second Life, I am ready to start moving forward with this. I want to thank MMOrgy and especially its creator, qDot, for helping me find some adventurous in-world residents willing to help me learn about the […]